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Catch up on all the latest news and updates from The Ogden Trust and across our network as we share initiatives, ideas and best practice.

A girl in a lab coat examines a rock through a magnifying class

Positive partnerships

2 July 2021

Teachers from across the Ogden network gathered (online) for the annual partnership conference.

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a blue and pink abstract image

A new home for Explorify

30 June 2021

Championing primary science and supporting teachers.

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a female pupil with a paper windmill

Great Science Share for Schools

28 June 2021

211,898 young people involved in the 2021 campaign with support from Regional Champions.

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Two primary students in lab coats investigate forces with magnets

Green for go

22 June 2021

Green Tick for Ogden resources following ASE evaluation.

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students space work including some decorated trainers

Reaching for the stars

11 June 2021

Entries to the Halton Partnership space competition wow the judges!

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Two students doing a science experiment - the girls has goggles on and is using a pipette. The boy is watching closely

Super science

28 May 2021

"It was awesome! I’ve had so much fun doing all the science this week. ... I want to be a scientist when I’m older!"

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Pupils gather to read copies of Whizz Pop Bang science magazine

Whizz Pop Bang

24 May 2021

Pupils at Streatham Wells Primary experiment, discover and learn in their weekly science magazine club.

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James de Winter delivering CPD

Early career teacher support

20 May 2021

Free mentoring and support for early career physics teachers.

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solar panels

Sustainability physics

11 May 2021

“Physics teachers are training young people for the STEM jobs for everyone’s future.”

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students working on their deep space diaries

Bringing deep space to the primary classroom

7 May 2021

Arts-based STEM learning celebrating the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope in Autumn this year.

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students with microscopes outside

Playground science

5 May 2021

Science ambassadors share their know how, curiosity and enthusiasm.

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Two primary students in lab coats investigate forces with magnets

Making physics MAT-ter

30 April 2021

Six MATs are part of the Ogden Partnerships programme developing the teaching and learning of physics at their schools.

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