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Collaborative project funding

University physics departments can make an application for an annual collaborative project funded by The Ogden Trust.

This is a new funding opportunity from The Ogden Trust for university physics outreach teams. We want to support universities to work collaboratively and carry out activities strategically together. This funding opportunity will support this.

Collaborative project funding

  • The projects must be based on one of these three strategic themes:
    • Supporting undergraduate and post graduate students to engage with schools
    • Supporting teachers
    • Repeat interventions with disadvantaged students
  • Each year one collaborative project will be awarded support for three years.
  • Applications must be supported by at least three universities based in England and have good supporting evidence to suggest the project will be impactful
  • Open to physics departments who are funded, previously funded and not previously funded by the Ogden Trust.
  • Projects should be sustainable beyond the funding by becoming embedded in core activity, replacing existing activities in the departmental budget.

What the project funding will get

  • Co-ordinator funding – in year 1 of the project £10,000, in year 2 £5,000. This funding could be for a single co-ordinator or split between two people.
  • Development funding – £4,000 to develop the project and work up any necessary resources to a high standard.
  • Training costs – £1,000 per year to put on training events for other universities to engage.
  • Evaluation costs: £10,000 for an external evaluator over the three years to assess the effectiveness of the programme.


  • The applications will be opening in January
  • Applications for the first round of funding will close before the Easter holidays 2022
  • The first project will be funded in the Academic year 2022-2023
  • Announced at the Outreach Awards Summer 2022

If you would like to be notified when the applications open, have any specific questions or would like to be informed if similar funding opportunities open up please email


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