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Equity, diversity and inclusion

The Trust is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in physics education and in the Ogden workplace.

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are at the heart of the Ogden Trust’s mission and strategy. We believe each young person should receive high quality physics education from 4–18, which:

They should be able to do this in an environment that values their whole self, free from systemic barriers, discrimination and harassment. They should be able to progress to further study and careers from physics that provide an inclusive work environment.


The Ogden Trust aims to increase the uptake of physics post-16 for all young people, particularly those from under-represented backgrounds.

The Trust has a particular focus on socioeconomic status but recognises that this intersects with all other marginalised characteristics and so it is important to our mission to consider equity, diversity and inclusion across all aspects of under-representation: learn more about long-standing under representation in physics.

While there are factors out of our control, we wish to ensure that the spaces we create provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for participants and that we support those involved to embed good practice into their own work.

The aims of the Trust’s equity diversity and inclusion work are to:

  • Create an inclusive workplace for our staff and consultants,
  • Break down the barriers to accessing our programmes, and
  • Work with schools, teachers, universities, employers and community groups to promote and support equitable and inclusive practice in their work with young people.

Over the next three years, we are working towards the following outcomes:

  • Improve recruitment processes in line with current best practice for inclusive recruitment.
  • Train and support staff and consultants to develop their EDI learning journey.
  • Ensure our website and publications are accessible and inclusive.
  • Develop event processes to improve accessibility and inclusion of events.
  • Improve our professional development courses to include inclusive classroom practice.
  • Improve diverse representation in resources, professional development and events.


These are working definitions that the Trust uses in its thinking and will evolve over time.

  • Equity – providing everyone with the opportunities they need to succeed even though they may have different starting points or needs.
  • Diversity – participation from people with different backgrounds, difference experiences and different mindsets.
  • Inclusion – creating an environment where everyone feels welcomed and valued.

EDI action plan

You can download our latest action plan which includes our three main aims, with outcomes, actions and success measures.

File Name File Type File Size File Link
EDI action plan: 2022_23 PDF 123 KB Download

Equity, diversity and inclusion

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We are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion.

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