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University support

The Trust works with universities to help support and enable wider access to outreach and university physics. This work contributes to our commitment to ensure physics opportunities for all, helping to take physics beyond the classroom and give an insight into the real-world application of science.

The Trust works with universities, primarily through a network of part-funded outreach officers, to provide teachers and students with access to university research, facilities and outreach opportunities.

The Trust is planning its inaugural the Ogden Outreach Awards, which will take place in June 2022. Updates, nomination forms and information about the Awards can be found here.

The Trust has recently launched a new collaborative project funding for university physics outreach teams. This funding will be available to support universities to work collaboratively and carry out activities strategically together.

For Year 13 students preparing to study physics at university the Trust in partnership with Brightside offers a mentoring programme.

Working with universities

Find out more about our three main university initiatives.

three outreach officer looking at test tubes

Outreach officer network

Supporting local teachers and providing enrichment and enhancement opportunities for physics.

Learn about our outreach network

three students outside looking at books and laptops

Preparing for university

Linking Year 13 students with undergraduate mentors to help them prepare to study physics at university.

Learn about university mentoring

outreach officers share ideas at a meeting

Collaborative project funding

Supporting universities to work collaboratively on physics outreach.

Learn about our project funding

We have produced three publications to support the development and delivery of outreach.

Taking a strategic approach to outreach has been produced to explore a range of approaches for the strategic leadership, management and delivery of outreach. The guide includes top tips to inform the process and case studies to give an insight into real-life experiences. Download your copy of Taking a strategic approach to outreach.

We have developed an evaluation toolkit entitled Capturing Impact to help evaluate the work and impact of our outreach officers and other programmes and activities that we fund – the top tips, models and suggested approaches to evaluation can be applied by anyone working in science outreach. Download your copy of our evaluation toolkit – Capturing Impact.

Exploring leadership and governance for physics outreach presents a summary of the research findings. An Ogden Trust narrative in response to the research findings has been included to enhance the context and wider use of the research. Download your copy of Exploring leadership and governance for physics outreach.

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