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Teacher support

Inspiring and committed teachers in the classroom are fundamental in changing the physics learning landscape. We offer a range of programmes to support teachers throughout their careers.

The Trust works hard to develop meaningful relationships with teachers throughout their careers so they feel supported and nurtured in their profession. The conversation starts with Teach Physics internships for physics undergraduates still at university who might be considering a career in teaching.

The Teacher Network offers opportunities and support to early career teachers who are in their first to fifth year of teaching physics and supports teachers of physics who want to develop independent projects, improve their subject knowledge, develop their teaching pedagogy or provide extra-curricular activities/physics outreach.

Primary Physics Professional Learning (P3L) is also offered by the Trust. This subsidised CPD course is delivered through training days hosted by independent schools and universities. It is available to teachers at primary school and is designed to enhance subject knowledge and confidence in delivery of the physical processes in the primary science curriculum.

Supporting teachers

Opportunities for teachers (and prospective teachers) throughout their careers.

Teacher Network

Ongoing professional development experiences for teachers of physics.

Learn more about the Teacher Network

Teach Physics

Short, intensive teaching placements for physics undergraduates thinking about a career in teaching.

Find out more about Teach Physics

Primary CPD

Enhancing subject knowledge and confidence in the delivery of the physical processes in the primary science curriculum.

Find out more about primary CPD

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