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Case studies

We have produced a range of case studies to give better insight into our programmes and initiatives. Use the search function to find the case studies you want and learn more about the impact of our funding and our programmes.

This is a picture of Jo Beswick. She is white ethnic, she has light brown hair, her hair is shoulder length and wavey. She has a blue and white stripy shirt on. Her background is a classroom.

Early career: Jo Beswick

“The Early Career programme has been amazing…I went from a point of properly hating the subject and now just have no fear about teaching physics.”

IMAGE from UnSplash. The Dasht-e Kevir, or Great Salt Desert, is the largest desert in Iran. It is a primarily uninhabited wasteland, composed of mud and salt marshes covered with crusts of salt that protect the meagre moisture from completely evaporating.

Grants & Funding: SatSchool

Connecting STEM subjects and the real-world applications of Earth Observation and environmental science

Grants & Funding: The Blackett Lab

“My child is now absolutely buzzing about physics, I hope the scheme inspires more organisations to continue working on representation and to appreciate the benefits of broader diversity.”

student in school uniform with her board game

Grants & Funding: Avanti Fields

An Ogden physics education grant has helped physics to flourish at a new school.

A group of teachers at a conference. Sat around a table. Working together as a team.

Early career mentor: Jim Henderson

“All teachers of physics need an experienced and friendly person to hold their hand and make them enjoy their work during the start of their career.”

Early career: Mustafa Mahmoud

"I would honestly say that the Early Career programme from The Ogden Trust is the best thing that teachers can do because there is so much support."

Niki Thomas who works at The Ogden trust as a Teaching & Learning Coach. Is in a room in this picture teaching SKPT (subject knowledge physics teaching)

Subject Knowledge for Physics Teaching: Myron Clarke

“I am loving teaching physics this year and the pupils are loving my enthusiasm for the subject.”

A group of students in a science classroom watching an experiment.

School partnership: Summit Learning

“…a Trust-wide opportunity for people to get involved in and a great way of showcasing how we can work together cross-phase. The amazing opportunities that come from it have been really powerful.”

Children experimenting with a circuit.

Senior Teacher Fellowship: Charlotte Thompson

Charlotte’s fellowship has reinvigorated her passion for teaching and stimulated her drive to ensure that children can enjoy science.