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Case studies

We have produced a range of case studies to give better insight into our programmes and initiatives. Use the search function to find the case studies you want and learn more about the impact of our funding and our programmes.

School partnership: East Herefordshire

"Working with The Ogden Trust has opened up a rich new world of opportunities, resources, ideas, contacts and inspiration." 

School partnership: Didsbury

Developing strong link between physics teachers across Manchester and creating a cause that is rooted in making physics matter to young people.

School partnership: Lewisham

"The Ogden partnership has allowed us to build a collaborative teaching community in which non-specialist primary teachers have gained a real confidence in the delivery of the physical sciences."

School partnership: Cheltenham

"I would encourage others to set up a partnership and experience the support offered by the Ogden Trust."

Teacher Network – Senior Teacher Fellowship: Emma Leonard

Emma Leonard has used her Teacher Fellowship to help local schools launch their own science ambassador programmes.

School partnership: Bodmin

“The partnership is about much more than just events and activities. We are thinking about improving the curriculum and upskilling everyone to teach quality science. We want to use this partnership as a spark to ignite something bigger!”

School partnership: Nottingham primary

The legacy of the Nottingham partnership is evident in the teaching of more well-resourced science lessons for our children that consider their disciplinary and substantive knowledge.

A early years science investigation showing a white plate with 6 sweets; colour spreading from the sweets

School partnership: Leek

Leek Partnership is working across Key Stages to provide a consistent, high-quality experience in physics education, and to raise pupil aspirations to pursue STEM careers.

School partnership: St Austell

The virtual busking sessions and year end science fair have now been embedded into the St Austell Partnership as activities that can be sustained into the future with little or no funding.