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Teacher Fellowships

Teachers who have demonstrated their commitment to physics education can apply for a Senior Teacher Fellowship, allowing them to undertake a project that will develop their physics teaching leadership and support other teachers of physics.

Teachers who have demonstrated commitment to physics education and wish to develop their skills while remaining in the classroom can apply for a Senior Teacher Fellowship.

Senior Teacher Fellowships enable teachers to:

  • Develop and deliver a physics education project of their interest
  • Build skills and experience both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Share ideas and engage with a community of Ogden fellows

The Senior Teacher Fellowship programme includes:

  • Time buy out of a half or full day per week to plan and deliver the project
  • Half termly mentoring to support the development of the project
  • Up to £2,000 project costs
  • Ogden Physics Futures conference attendance

Senior Teacher Fellowships are available for independent projects devised by a teacher, or for a project identified and outlined by the Trust. A Senior Teacher Fellowship is usually awarded to the school as a time buy out. Funding is offered to the school to support the teacher’s salary at 0.1FTE or 0.2FTE with an additional 10 per cent of the awarded amount to cover on-costs.

You can download this PDF to find out more about the eligibility criteria and the projects that were available for 2023-24. But applications are now closed.

Case studies

Read more about some of the teachers we support.

Claire Loizos: Senior Teacher Fellow

"It has been fantastic to get dedicated time to do this [primary science capital project]; we have been able to share ideas and pedagogy, as well as really getting the time to evaluate our own practice."

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Phil Lynch: Senior Teacher Fellow

"I have delivered sessions to well over 700 Year 4 and 5 pupils with support from sixth form ambassadors. Approximately 25 per cent of the pupils receive Free School Meals or are on Pupil Premium."

Find out more about Phil

Emma Leonard: Senior Teacher Fellow

"The Fellowship has been excellent for my own CPD and has given me the time to work closely with schools in my local area."

Find out more about Emma

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