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COVID event policy

In line with the government's Living with COVID guidance, our in-person events have resumed. Ogden guidelines must be adhered to for the safety, health and wellbeing of all involved.

The Ogden Trust prioritises the safety, health and wellbeing of those on our programmes, our staff and our consultants. In line with the government’s Living with COVID guidance, our in-person events have now resumed. There are a number of measures we are taking to protect participants, outlined below, and we ask that all attendees adhere to these.*

If any attendees are clinically vulnerable and/or have additional concerns, please contact the conference organiser to discuss.

Where people are not able to attend in person events, similar online events or recordings will be provided as far as possible.


We select venues of suitable size to have participants well-spaced. All rooms used are ventilated, either by windows or a suitable air conditioning system. In good weather, some sessions may take place outside. Hand sanitiser is available on site.


Any attendees who are displaying any symptoms of COVID are asked not to attend Ogden Trust events. Please contact the relevant organiser to let them know and any pre-paid travel expenses will be reimbursed.

All attendees should take a lateral flow test within 24 hours of attending the event. Speakers should take a test within 24 hours of their session. These tests can be claimed on expenses after the event. Anyone who tests positive on a lateral flow test must not attend the event.

Lateral flow tests will be available on site. Anyone who displays symptoms of COVID while attending an event will be asked to isolate and take a lateral flow test. If the lateral flow test is positive, they will be asked to remain isolated and will be assisted to find a safe route home as soon as possible. If the test is negative, they may remain but will be asked to test regularly.

Attendees are welcome to wear masks during the event and masks will be available on site for anyone who wishes to pick one up. Please respect the decision by others to wear a mask. If asked to wear a mask to converse with another attendee, then please comply unless you are exempt.


All staff attending the event will have taken a lateral flow test in the 24 hours before the event and will test each day of the event. Any staff with symptoms will immediately isolate and not take part in the remainder of the event.


*This policy applies only to events organised centrally by The Ogden Trust. Those organising events as part of Ogden programmes (for example Phizzi CPD, partnership events, etc) should consider COVID carefully in their event planning and make suitable accommodations.


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