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CERN funding

A trip to CERN can be inspirational for students. Trust funding helps to ensure the experience can be made available to any students, regardless of their background or financial situation.

Secondary schools that are members of the School Partnerships programme, or have previously been members, are eligible to apply for funding towards trips to CERN.

A school can apply for funding to support:

  1. Pupils not able to otherwise meet the cost of the trip (indicated by pupil premium or the 16-19 bursary or a scholarship pupil at an independent school).
  2. Pupils in other extenuating circumstances (eg those with a disability, special educational need or other financial need that may prevent them from attending, such as requiring to purchase a passport).
  3. Pupils from state funded schools that meet our priority audiences including those that live in remote rural or disadvantaged areas and those whose parents have not been to university.

Applications will be assessed according to the above priority audiences.

We typically look to offer up to £250 per pupil eligible for pupil premium or equivalent, so please be aware that the school or pupils will need to complete additional fundraising. In Autumn 2023, the average grant awarded was £200 per pupil. Please read our guidelines (pdf) before starting your application.

Applications are now open until 14 June 2024.

We will be holding an application webinar on 29 May 2024. You can sign up now.

*if you have already started an application please do not follow the application link. Instead, you should login to flexi-grant and access your account directly.

You should also be aware that:

  • CERN has adopted a four-level COVID-19 scale which is updated based on various factors including incidence rates in the local area. Please check the latest details for CERN and for Switzerland when planning your trip. It is your responsibility to fully consider and understand these requirements; an award of funding is not a reflection of a school’s ability to meet the requirements.

Funding is only available to secondary schools that are currently active members of the Ogden School Partnerships programme, either in your first five years of funding or an active legacy partnership. The trip should not take place before approval. This takes an average of 4 weeks from the application deadline. Please contact Natalie Sidney before applying if you are unsure if your school or trip is eligible.


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