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Catch up on all the latest news and updates from The Ogden Trust and across our network as we share initiatives, ideas and best practice.

Partnerships in action

20 July 2023

"The conference was an incredible opportunity for science leads to come together to share ideas, experiences and most of all, feel immensely valued!"

four female teachers taking part in a physics practical for their SKPT CPD session

The tools to teach physics

18 July 2023

"Without question I would recommend SKPT. It’s a very important offer and the benefits are wide-ranging... I am definitely better equipped to be in a classroom teaching physics."

Super summer science

17 July 2023

"[The Lewisham Partnership] has been instrumental in helping to raise the profile of STEM education in the local community and is hopefully inspiring many young people to pursue careers in STEM-related fields."

Rewarding excellence

13 July 2023

Amy Banks is the Ogden endorsed Primary Science Teacher Award winner for 2023.

A space for science

6 July 2023

A new Phiz Lab encourages primary pupils to explore science and the opportunities it can lead to.

The growing Phiz Lab family

21 June 2023

Two new Phiz Labs helping to build the excitement of science in schools.

Science for all

5 June 2023

A physics education grant has supported school activities at the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford.

Tallest, fastest, strongest, longest!

15 May 2023

Primary pupils explore these ideas in their partnership Physics Olympics

The appliance of science

11 May 2023

An Ogden Trust grant is helping SatSchool expand the physics content in its resources for schools.

Read all about it

10 May 2023

Wallasey Partnership has launched book boxes to share some super science and engage reticent readers.

Super science

28 April 2023

Lewisham Partnership is inspiring pupils and teachers with some super science initiatives!

Getting technical with physics 

13 April 2023

Physics technician in Ogden partnerships take part in CPD at CLEAPSS headquarters, Chesham.