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Outreach Officer directory

Ogden outreach officers are based in university physics departments and part-funded by the Trust for three years. The outreach officers meet regularly as part of a wider outreach officer network which is open to any outreach officer in a role currently or previously funded by the Trust. The universities who previously received funding are noted below with an *.

Name University Position Email
Sarah Annand University of Liverpool Physics Outreach Officer
Dr Claudia Antolini Royal Holloway, University of London SEPnet/Ogden Outreach & Public Engagement Officer
Dr Andrew Blake University of Lancaster* Lecturer & Outreach Officer
Dr Paul Branch University of Newcastle Transition & Ogden Outreach Officer
Ally Caldecote University of Warwick* Physics Outreach Officer
Dr Heather Campbell University of Surrey (SEPnet) SEPnet/Ogden Public Engagement & Outreach Manager
Dr Jennifer Claydon Liverpool John Moores University* NSO Development & Marketing Officer
Dr Lorraine Coghill University of Durham* Science Outreach Co-ordinator
Dr Jean-Christophe Denis University of Edinburgh NBIC & Ogden Outreach Officer
Dr Alice Dunford The Open University Outreach Officer
Dr Mark Fuller University College London Outreach Co-ordinator & Ogden Science Officer
Dr Jen Gupta University of Portsmouth* SEPnet & Ogden Outreach Officer
Vinita Hassard Imperial College London* Outreach Liaison Coordinator
Dr Sadie Jones University of Southampton* Outreach Leader (SEPnet)
Katherine Leech University of York* Outreach Officer
Erin McNeill University of Leeds Physics Outreach Officer
Laura Meade University of Sheffield Outreach Officer
Dr Grace Mullally Cardiff University Ogden Outreach Officer
Dr Emma Nichols University of Manchester* Public Engagement Manager
Nuala O’Flynn University of Hertfordshire Ogden & SEPnet Outreach & Public Engagement Officer
Dr Emma Osborne University of Bath Outreach Officer
Dr Antonio Portas University of Northumbria Senior Research Fellow & Outreach Officer
Dr Simon Reynolds University of St Andrews Ogden Public Engagement Officer
Dr Aimilia Smyrli UCLan Lecturer in Astrophysics & Outreach Officer
Dr Sian Tedaldi Oxford University* Outreach Programmes Manager
Hannah Tonry University of Kent Ogden & SEPnet Engagement Officer
Scott Walker University of Keele Ogden Outreach Officer
Alex Williams Queen Mary University of London* Student recruitment & Outreach Officer (SEPnet)