School Physicist of the Year

Ogden Outreach Officers organise annual School Physicist of the Year events, to recognise outstanding efforts and achievements in physics. These awards are open to students in Year 10; in addition, some regions may offer awards to students in Years 6 or 12. All Ogden partnership schools will be invited to a SPOTY event; the Ogden Outreach Officer will invite nominations from their region.

The SPOTY events celebrate and reward the winning students – a certificate and book token is presented to each winner. The events also offer a taste of university physics with undergraduates on-hand to talk to the winning students; they often include an evening of hands-on science demonstrations and a lecture.

For further information about running a School Physicist of the Year event, please contact the Programme Officer.

For many years, this student has demonstrated a genuine enthusiasm for physics. Her resilience, work ethic and logical, no-nonsense approach have resulted in stunning levels of achievement. She has excellent mathematical and problem solving skills, and enjoys tackling the most challenging work. She also has a flair for practical tasks, and a good sense of humour when things just don’t quite work out! This student should also be commended for the selfless and patient support that she frequently gives her peers. An Ogden SPOTY winner: Exeter
This student has been a diligent Science Assistant throughout the year, supporting the science co-ordinator in the preparations for science week and monitoring and organising the science display on a weekly basis. He is always keen to share his enthusiasm for science with others in the school and often brings in science projects from home. The student wishes to follow a career in science and has already made a good start on this journey. Year 6 SPOTY winner
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