Preparing for university

The transition to university brings new challenges and in partnership with Brightside, we have launched a 6-week programme designed to help make this move easier for Year 13 students planning to study physics at university.

Each year we will recruit England-based Year 13 students who will be assigned an undergraduate physics mentors (at their first choice universities where possible) to offer advice on settling into university, study skills, and keeping up their physics knowledge ready for the new term.

For students who are unable to directly participate in the mentoring programme, we have made a range of supporting materials and links freely available. In addition, we pose some questions which we hope you will consider, to help you prepare for the transition. Bright Knowledge also provide a huge bank of resources for preparing for university. We hope that these resources will help physics students prepare for life at university.

Please remember that this is not a tutoring programme. However, we appreciate you may wish to brush up on your physics knowledge and practise your problem solving skills. As such, you may find some of the following links useful:

Please note that resources will be regularly updated. All words which are underlined are links which will open in a new tab.

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