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Education research

Teachers in our teacher network can apply for funding to help them undertake research that will contribute to the development of practical solutions to teaching problems or help teachers build knowledge.

Teachers within the Teacher Network will be able to apply for a limited number of education research opportunities. These are available to all teachers teaching 4-18, whether you are just getting started in teaching or those who wish to take it further through qualifications

Scholarships for suitable master’s courses and part-time PhD programmes for practicing teachers will also be available to help teachers build knowledge for themselves and the wider network.

Teachers taking part in education research activities are able to take part in our termly face-to-face research group meetings for further support.

Master’s and doctoral scholarships

Members of the Ogden Trust Teacher Network may apply for scholarships of 50% of fees for part-time master’s courses and full fees for a doctoral level study relating to the teaching and learning of physics. Scholarships can be applied for before or after you have a place confirmed on your chosen course.


The following criteria apply to scholarships for both master’s and doctoral level courses:

  • Applicants must be practising teachers who intend to continue teaching throughout and after their study.
  • The course must be part-time to enable applicants to continue teaching alongside their study.
  • The study must relate directly to the teaching and learning of physics (which includes the training and professional development of teachers of physics).

Priority will be given to those teaching in the maintained sector.

Master’s courses

Teachers may apply for any master’s course where there is a significant component relating to the teaching and learning of physics. This may be the result of your choice of assignments rather than any taught component of the course. You will be asked to explain the link to physics education as part of your application.

There are a number of courses which may be of particular interest to our members, although any master’s course is eligible:

You may consider pure education or research masters but to apply for a scholarship you must focus on physics-related topics.

Note that courses have different amounts of teaching, self-directed study and research projects involved and you should read the information carefully to decide the right type of course for you.

Doctoral courses

Teachers may apply for a scholarship for a part-time PhD or EdD course. These two qualifications have different formats, as the EdD is a professional doctorate and is usually set up with more taught time during the first year and a number of different projects related to your work, rather than a single thesis. The main study project for the course should be directly related to an aspect of the teaching and learning of physics. Priority will be given to projects which closely match the Ogden Trust’s strategy. If you are considering applying for a doctorate, please contact us before applying for the scholarship.

Scholarships for doctoral study include a small travel allowance towards participating in relevant conferences.

Applications are open all year round; please email

Case studies

Find out more about some of the education research we have funded

Education research scholarship: Jess Hunt

"The master’s has encouraged me to think more deeply about how young people learn and to make sure that this is my priority."

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Education research scholarship: Jackie Flaherty

"I have loved engaging with the academic research, and I am currently working on my own research and development project which is looking into supporting early career teachers."

Read more about Jackie

Education research scholarship: Doug Ashton

"I hope the outcomes of my research will have a positive impact for all the people involved in transition: the children, the teachers, the parents/carers."

Read more about Doug

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