Early Career Teacher Support

The Ogden Trust provides support for early career teachers of physics from initial teacher training (ITT) to their fifth year of teaching post qualifying. The strand is designed to support early career teachers in their subject knowledge and pedagogical development.

Teaching core physics

Secondary teachers in their first or second year of teaching physics at any stage receive half termly coaching sessions in a local peer group. Each of these sessions focuses on a different area of physics and relevant teaching approaches and resources. These sessions can be used to provide additional subject-specific support to the Early Career Framework provision. The local peer group enables teachers to build a support network and share ideas across schools.

Developing physics specialism

Those teaching a significant physics timetable (usually including some triple science or A-level classes) in their third to fifth year of teaching receive individual mentoring. Teachers will agree goals with their mentor at the start of the year and work towards these with support from their mentor. They will also receive a funded place for a conference of their choosing and receive books relevant to their interests.

Early career festival

All those taking part in the early career support will be invited to a fully-funded annual two day festival in August to network, share practice and develop their skills further.


Applications to take part in the early career support programmes in 2021-22 will open in the summer term 2021.

It is expected that the majority of those applying will be able to take part but if programmes are oversubscribed, priority will be given to applications that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • applicant school’s free school meals % above national average (27%)
  • applicant school is Ofsted 3 or 4 rated
  • applicant teacher is lone physics specialist, or
  • applicant teacher is a non-physics specialist teaching post-16 physics and employed as a physics teacher.
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