Teacher Network

Teachers who have previously been involved with The Ogden Trust, for example as a scholar, a Teach Physics intern, teaching at a school partnerships school, are eligible to join the Teacher Network. The network also offers support to any early career teachers of physics (from ITT through to their fifth year of teaching), developing subject knowledge and pedagogy.

The aim of the network is to provide ongoing professional development experiences for teachers of physics at all levels. Teachers in the network are emailed termly with opportunities they can sign up for. If you are eligible and are not receiving the mailings, please contact office@ogdentrust.com outlining your previous experience with the Trust.

A range of professional development activities in physics are available to the network each term. In addition to these, teacher can opt into one of three specialist themes of support.

An annual conference - Physics Futures - will bring the Teacher Network together to share practice, ideas and the latest thinking in education research and evaluation; it will offer a supportive networking opportunity to celebrate the physics teachers who are inspiring the future generations and really making physics matter.

*The first conference will now be held in February 2022
Details will be shared with the network as soon as they are available.
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