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Teaching waves

Subject Knowledge for Physics Teaching: Waves
This module will be delivered again in October - December 2023

Do you want to improve your waves subject knowledge, pedagogy & confidence in the classroom?

The waves SKPT module will require up to 20 hours of learning over approximately eight weeks. It will be led by a subject specialist & will include compulsory face-to-face sessions at the start and end of the module, online tutorials & independent learning. The module will include:

  • Wave features & properties
  • Modelling waves
  • Wave speed & the wave equation
  • Reflection
  • Refraction & total internal reflection
  • Visible light & colour
  • EM Spectrum
  • Sound: production, properties & applications
  • Required practicals: waves

The SKPT waves module will be delivered again in October 2023

SKPT waves will be delivered by experienced physics teachers across the UK, who will facilitate and support participants on this eight-week CPD module, designed for non-specialist physics teachers.

Participants must be state school teachers in England, with some physics on their timetable and must not have a physics ITT qualification.

You can book now for Matter & Space and Energy, which will be delivered from February 2023. Sign up here and join our SKPT mailing list to receive notifications of future modules.