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Teaching matter & space

Subject Knowledge for Physics Teaching: matter & space

Do you want to improve your energy subject knowledge, pedagogy & confidence in the classroom?

Book now for the SKPT matter & space module.

The SKPT matter & space module will require up to 20 hours of learning over approximately eight weeks. It will be led by a subject specialist & will include compulsory face-to-face sessions at the start and end of the module, online tutorials & independent learning. The required practicals will be covered in face-to-face sessions. The module will include:

  • The particle model/ kinetic theory
  • Density, pressure, gas behaviour
  • The solar system and beyond
  • The development of scientific ideas over time

SKPT matter & space will be led by experienced physics teachers, who will facilitate and support participants on this eight-week CPD module, designed for non-specialist physics teachers.

Participants must be state school teachers in England, with some physics on their timetable and must not have a physics ITT qualification.

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