Criteria for new partnerships

Desirable criteria
Applications are welcome from (but not limited to) partnerships which include schools in the following categories:

Partnerships should:

  • include between 4–10 schools
  • include a diverse mix of schools including supporting schools with RI or Inadequate Ofsted Grades
  • support transition by including at least one school from a different phase (eg a primary feeder school in a secondary partnership)
  • work with schools outside their own MAT/Federation

Specific requirements:

  • funding will only be paid directly to a school (funding cannot be paid to an individual or organisation)
  • schools who have previously received funding will not be eligible to apply for a new partnership
  • partnerships must complete and submit all paperwork by the given deadlines to be eligible for funding in the following year, including a report and review in the fifth and final year.

To be considered for the next academic year, you will need to have completed an expression of interest before 1 February.

An Ogden school partnership involves time, energy and commitment from all members of staff involved. Please consider whether you will have the time available to organise a programme of activities outside your normal teaching timetable before applying. The programme lasts four years and will need the support of your senior leadership team and headteacher, including time out of school to attend partnership meetings.

The application round for 2021/22 is now closed. Expressions of interest need to be submitted by the end of January; successful applicants will then need to complete the application process, with new partnerships officially starting in September. If you are interested in setting up a new school partnership you will need to register for our grant management system and complete an Expression of Interest form when the applications process re-opens.

If you need further guidance on how to register for our grant management system, please see our Flexi-Grant User Guide.

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