Sustainability physics

22 June 2021

  • Curriculum areas (primary):
  • Age Group:
  • 11 - 14 years, 14 - 16 years, 16 - 18 years

The website features eight themes and aims to show just how important physics is to a sustainable future, and how using physics can be key to the careers in a low-carbon economy.

  • Renewables
  • Transport for our future
  • Batteries: future energy stores
  • Building design
  • Nanotechnology
  • Heat pumps/cooling
  • Recycling household waste
  • ACTION! What are we doing about it?

Each topic has interviews with people using physics in their research and careers at the forefront of a low carbon future. There are interactive questions to guide students through some of the advances being made.

Go to the Sustainability Physics website

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