Scientific ideas over time: history of the universe

7 November 2018

  • Curriculum areas (primary):
  • Earth & space
  • Age Group:
  • 7 - 11 years

Creating a till roll timeline of the history of the universe can be a useful activity for discussing time and the bigger picture of our ideas about the universe. The activity links very well with KS2 learning about Earth & space and evolution. Although cosmology is not on the National Curriculum for KS2, it is a topic that pupils are often inquisitive about – this timeline can support discussions and capture the curiosity. This resource has been developed from the Introduction to Cosmology given as part of the CERN ‘Playing with Protons’ primary CPD programme. Taking time to think about how our ideas and understanding has changed over time provides many opportunities for children to develop their science capital and working scientifically skills.

Scientific ideas over time: history of the universe (941.22 KB)
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