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Research in practice: secondary data in primary science

Using secondary data to link science and sport.

Research can inform how you teach and what you teach – our Research in Practice resources explore and summarise some of the latest education research, and provide ways to bring learning from research into your classroom.  

Ogden Senior Teacher Fellow, Julia Adams, has been exploring how primary teachers can captivate their young learners by using secondary data to link science to sports. She has designed two Olympic-themed lessons that allow pupils to learn and develop data analysis skills using secondary data sets, while deepening science learning in forces and working scientifically through the application of ideas to different contexts. 

Julia shares her findings in this Research in practice resource, together with teaching notes and PowerPoints to help you deliver these lessons too. 


File Name File Type File Size File Link
Research in practice PDF 2 MB Download
Session 1 presentation PDF 2 MB Download
Session 1 – sample of teaching notes PDF 360 KB Download
Session 2 presentation PDF 846 KB Download
Session 2 – sample of teaching notes PDF 134 KB Download

Published: 18 June 2024

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