Phizzi professionals: blank templates

1 March 2021

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  • 3 - 5 years, 5 - 7 years, 7 - 11 years, 9 - 11 years, 11 - 14 years, 14 - 16 years

Our Phizzi professionals series has been designed to give an insight into career pathways from physics. Use these templates to share local inspirations.

You might like to consider including this information:

  • School: Subjects taken; education path
  • What next: Further study? Route to your career?
  • Why physics? If your education/career path has included physics/STEM please say why you think these subjects are important.
  • And now? What do you do in your current job? Any highlights? What contribution your career makes/why it is important?
  • Physics in practice How do you use physics/STEM/engineering in your current role. Even if you don’t directly use physics, what has physics taught you that has helped your career?
  • Advice for young scientists: Characteristics/attitude you think are important for young scientists.

You can also share our published Phizzi professionals for ideas and inspiration.

Phizzi professionals_blank template_black and white (967.09 KB)
Phizzi professionals_blank template_colour option 1 (969.64 KB)
Phizzi professionals_blank template_colour option 2 (973.55 KB)
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