Phizzi News: edition 3

10 August 2018

  • Type:
  • Enrichment, Curriculum, CPD
  • Age Group:
  • 3 - 5 years, 5 - 7 years, 7 - 11 years

Phizzi News was launched in 2014 and published until Summer 2017. Produced by a highly experienced team of primary and secondary experts, the magazine featured resources and ideas for primary science. All nine editions are available to download for your continued reference.

Edition three includes:

  • Phiz Lab Focus: Holywell Primary School, Rubbery; new Phiz Lab at Five Ways, Birmingham 
  • Phizzi Pioneers: Chipping Campden Science Factor competition; Pupil Voice, science assistants Shrubland Street 
  • Phizzi Progression: KS1 Sound using books at hooks, KS2 five minute physics - sound 
  • Phizzi Peers: Crest Award at Chipping Campden,Southam College science clubs 
  • Phizzi Professionals: interview with British Astronaut Tim Peake 
  • Phizzi Forces: Ogden partnership Phizzi Forces CPD 
  • Phizzi Fairs: how to run a science fair 
  • Phizzi Frontiers: Professor Carlos Frenk, Durham University Pan-STARRS telescope; Space Camp max with Amanda Poole 
  • Phizzi Family: magnets and electricity family learning night at Chipping Campden School
  • Phizzi Photos: ideas for science learning outdoors
  • Phizzi Features: events, website and things to try

Phizzi News has now been replaced by Phiz e-news, our electronic newsletter featuring news and ideas from the Ogden primary science team. You can sign up here to receive your copy of Phiz e-news direct to your inbox each term.

Phizzi News: edition 3 (4.12 MB)
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