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Phizzi focus: using secondary data

This Phizzi focus looks at how you can use secondary data sources to support the development of working scientifically skills in the primary classroom.

Pupils can use secondary data in pattern seeking enquiries to make sure they keep developing their working scientifically skills. Real data from secondary sources helps link learning to real life contexts, provides lots of additional opportunities for pattern seeking and inspires pupils to ask their own scientific questions while supporting the application of maths skills through science.

This Phizzi focus includes links to data sources and ideas for research and pattern seeking enquiries; there is also a list of suggested picture books that can be used to support the idea of using real world data. We have also provided a set of planetary data cards which can be used as part of your learning about Earth and space.




File Name File Type File Size File Link
Phizzi focus: using secondary data PDF 3 MB Download
Planetary data cards PDF 1 MB Download

Published: 9 February 2023

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