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Megan Neale: Mechanical Maintenance Technician

Phizzi professionals give an insight into pathways from physics. Megan Neale is a Mechanical Maintenance Technician.

Megan Neale is a Mechanical Maintenance Technician at Anglo American. At school, she enjoyed a practical approach to learning and has continued her physics journey with an HNC in mechanical engineering and an apprenticeship.

“I loved physics and all the STEM subjects during school. Being dyslexic, learning through reading and taking notes didn’t work for me, but in physics and engineering I could learn through actions. Once I completed my GCSEs, I knew A-levels and university weren’t for me, so I got an apprenticeship with Anglo American, where I could learn through hands-on experience.”

“STEM subjects such as physics are so important as they help you to develop your critical thinking skills. This is useful in all aspects of life so we can better evaluate information and solve problems.”


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Published: 1 November 2023

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