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Jafarr Adam: Consultant Engineer

Phizzi professionals gives an insight into career pathways from physics. Jafarr Adam is a Consultant Engineer.

Jafarr Adam is a Consultant Engineer for a science and engineering company that offers product advisory and development services. After studying physics at A-level, Jafarr took a degree in mechanical engineering, but physics (and maths) still inform his work today

“You can calculate most things theoretically using maths and physics, but I often learn more from hands-on making and testing. A lot of my work is early-stage development, which is fun and creative. Nearly every first prototype is held together with glue and tape and has lots of problems. The motto is to fail fast but don’t be disheartened – learn what worked and what didn’t; use scientific reasoning to make improvements and keep iterating until it is perfect.”



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Published: 4 March 2022

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