How to lead a primary science moderation meeting

18 March 2020

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Moderation meetings to review and evaluate science work are a valuable tool in the science assessment process – they can be carried out within a school but should also take place across schools within a local region to gather broader knowledge and experience.

Moderation meetings can make a vital contribution to the development of science teaching and learning and also provides useful CPD, support and encouragement to colleagues through the sharing of ideas and best practice.

The Trust has now produced this How to guide for leading a primary science moderation meeting, together with moderation sheets for each year group which highlight the subject knowledge required and the necessary working scientifically skills that have to be evidenced. These documents provide an easy to use checklist that can easily be shared with senior leadership. Also available for download is a useful presentation from our Bidford and Leamington Spa Primary Partnernships about moderation meetings.

How to lead a primary science moderation meeting (484.63 KB)
Moderation meetings - a useful presentation (3.79 MB)
Year 1 moderation template (361.25 KB)
Year 2 moderation template (362.13 KB)
Year 3 moderation template (362.62 KB)
Year 4 moderation template (365.74 KB)
Year 5 moderation template (362.83 KB)
Year 6 moderation template (428.23 KB)
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