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How to create primary science displays

Ideas and inspiration to help you create effective primary science wall displays.

Showcasing science with vibrant and prominent displays can really help to engage and inspire your pupils, bringing science to the forefront and encouraging children to talk about the subject at home and at school. Science displays can be based around topic/year group; they can feature working scientifically skills and enquiry types; or they can be a celebration of famous scientists and role models – ideally, they will be a combination of all of these elements across the school.

This guide gives some suggestions and ideas for how you can create effective primary science wall displays. You will also find below links to some of the many fantastic resources available to help bring your displays to life and make them eye-catching and relevant.

Resource links

All of the links below take you to external sites where further display resources can be downloaded.

  • Free posters celebrating women role models in science, technology, and maths.
  • Free posters that focus on different types of measurements used in primary science are available to download or order from the National Physical Laboratory.
  • Identification guides and surveys are available from OPAL to support identifying and classifying enquiries at all ages.
  • The STFC has a wide range of eye catching and informative posters on Space and astronomy that can be downloaded or ordered from their website.
  • The IET has a collection of free posters that can be ordered or downloaded from their website.
  • Practical Action a a wonderful collection of STEM posters that are connected to their innovative enquiries inspired by global issues.
  • The British Geological Survey has a stunning poster that is free to download and explains how rocks can tell us about how the Earth’s climate has changed throughout time.
  • Scientific method mini posters.
  • Not all chemists wear lab coats posters from the RSC.
  • Perimeter Institute forces of nature posters.
  • NASA solar system posters.


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Published: 12 October 2021

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