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Glen Cornhill: Chief Technology Officer

Phizzi professionals gives an insight into career pathways from physics. Glen Cornhill is Chief Technology Officer at Artemis Space.

Glen Cornhill is Chief Technology Officer at Artemis Space who provide low-cost access to space through a range of innovative products and services. They use science and technology as a tool to provide practical solutions to global challenges.

Glen also has experience leading educational projects and is passionate about making resources inclusive and encouraging people of all ages to pursue their interests. He specialises in physics, space science, environmental science, and sustainability.

Glen has Dyslexia and Irlen syndrome which means that he takes more time to read and analyse information. It also effects his short-term memory, this has led him to developing skills to break down documents and extract key information. He was not diagnosed until university, where dyslexic academics provided support and suggested practices to overcome weaknesses and develop strengths.

“Don’t be afraid to have a bad day (or week), by being adaptable and planning extra time to meet your own needs you will find that you can manage larger projects, be that university course work or designing a new piece of satellite technology.”

Glen is a role model for Lightyear Foundation who are breaking down the barriers to disabled children taking part in STEM. You can find out more about the Lightyear Foundation and their role models on their website.


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Published: 23 November 2021

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