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Christina Riley: senior planner

Phizzi professionals give an insight into pathways from physics. Christina Riley is a senior planner in construction.

Christina is a senior planner. She came out as transgender in a traditionally male dominated world of construction and engineering.

“For 22 years I couldn’t find a safe space to come out as transgender. LGBT+ groups just didn’t exist in construction and engineering. And even now there are only a few networks out there among the hundreds of businesses in the sector.

While I contemplated coming out for so long, I found my anxiety building, making me very ill. Coming out cured my anxiety overnight, and so it is important to recognise mental health can be impacted through not having inclusive spaces in the workplace.

Seek out an ally to help you to be yourself in the workplace (or at school).”

This Phizzi Professional has been produced in partnership with Schools Out UK who work to make schools safe and inclusive for everyone. Visit the Schools Out website to find out more about their aims and their work.


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Published: 27 June 2022

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