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This section includes a range of curriculum resources for teaching and learning, as well as How to guides to help you encourage and develop physics at your school. Use the filters to help find the resources you are looking for.

The Ogden Trust resources have been evaluated by The Association for Science Education (ASE) – the foremost body for science education across the UK – and they have been awarded the ASE Green Tick.

Science Leadership Toolkit

A science leadership toolkit to provide advice and frameworks for primary schools looking to develop their science monitoring.

tubes of coloured liquid

Working scientifically: comparative test

In comparative tests in primary science the children compare different cases and situations.

three school children

Working scientifically: ideas over time

This resource helps children to develop skills in exploring how scientific ideas have changed over time.

pupils doing research

Working scientifically: research

In primary science research enquiries, children get to use a range of secondary sources to help them find the answers to ‘big questions’.

items floating or sinking in water - balloon, wood and stone

Working scientifically: identifying and classifying

In this type of primary science enquiry, children make observations and measurements to help them look for similarities and differences.

autumn leaves in a line

Working scientifically: pattern seeking

Pattern-seeking enquiries in primary science involve children making measurements or observations to explore situations.

two female pupils investigating light in the playground

Working scientifically: observing over time

Observing over time enquiries in primary science are a fantastic way for children to be curious about the world around them.