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This section includes a range of curriculum resources for teaching and learning, as well as How to guides to help you encourage and develop physics at your school. Use the filters to help find the resources you are looking for.

We are currently reviewing and renewing our resources! If you are looking for a resource that you have used before and can't find it, please let us know:

The Ogden Trust resources have been evaluated by The Association for Science Education (ASE) – the foremost body for science education across the UK – and they have been awarded the ASE Green Tick.

Phizzi enquiry: parachutes

A primary science enquiry linking learning about Earth & space, and forces.

Phizzi enquiry: slippy shoes

A primary science enquiry exploring the force of friction.

Phizzi practical: heat shield testing

Use this Phizzi practical to make and test a heat shield.

Phizzi practical: forces and flight

Investigate forces and flight in this paper aeroplane practical.

Phizzi practical: investigating gears

Making and investigating simple gears.

Phizzi practical: magnetometer

Follow this guide to make a simple magnetometer.