Teacher Network

Teachers who have previously been involved with the Ogden Trust in some form, for example as a scholar, a Teach Physics intern, teaching at a school partnership school, are eligible to join the teacher network. The aim of the teacher network is to provide ongoing professional development experiences for teachers of physics at all levels. Teachers in the network are emailed termly with opportunities they can sign up for.

If you are eligible and are not receiving the mailings, please contact office@ogdentrust.com outlining your previous experience with the Trust.

Opportunities in the teacher network are in four categories:

Physics knowledge and science capital

Members of the Teacher Network will be offered opportunities to take part in transformational trips aimed at inspiring teachers and reinvigorating their love of physics.

The Ogden Trust will be supporting a third primary teacher cohort for the Playing with Protons UK CPD programme.

To improve core physics knowledge for non-specialist KS2 and KS3 teachers, scholarships will be offered to teachers wishing to take part in courses such as Open University physics modules or A-level courses.

Applications for physics subject-knowledge courses are now open. Find out more here
Physics teaching expertise

As well as developing and maintaining subject knowledge, pedagogical knowledge contributes to effective teaching and job satisfaction.

With a high number of physics teacher leaving within the first five years of teaching, the Trust has an Early Career Teacher Support programme which provides mentoring, CPD and money to schools for timetable release. In an effort to support retention, the programme helps early career teachers to progress their teaching practice without overwhelming time and classroom pressures.

Applications to Early Career Teacher Support programme are now open

For experienced physics teachers within the network, the Trust will fund high-level extension courses so that skills and knowledge can be enhanced and developed.

Education research

Teachers within the Teacher Network will be able to apply for a limited number of education research opportunities.

The Trust will support teachers to undertake action research projects that will help to develop practical solutions to address issues identified by the teacher.

Scholarships for suitable masters courses and part-time PhD programmes for practicing teachers will also be available to help teachers build knowledge for themselves and the wider network.

Applications for doctoral research scholarships and masters are now open. Find out more here.
Leadership in teaching physics

The Teacher Network will provide additional support and opportunities to teachers who wish to progress into a leadership role without leaving the classroom and moving into headship.

Experienced teachers will be able to access training for coaching and mentoring so they can develop their skills to support other teachers.

Teachers who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to physics education and have a project they want to share more widely can apply for a Senior Teacher Fellowship. This will usually be awarded to the school as a time buy-out allowing the teacher the freedom to develop and share their initiative.

Applications to the Senior Teacher Fellowship programme are now open

An annual conference - Physics Futures - will bring the Teacher Network together to share practice, ideas and the latest thinking in education research and evaluation; it will offer a supportive networking opportunity to celebrate the physics teachers who are inspiring the future generations and really making physics matter.

*SAVE THE DATE: October 16.
Details will be shared with the network as soon as they are available.
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