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Phiz e-news: edition 4

View edition 4 here. Featuring:

  • Suffolk Coastal Partnership
  • #techognition
  • Early Career Teacher Development programme
  • ESA Moon Camp Challenge
  • Gratnalls Science Technician of the Year
  • Royal Society Partnership Grants
  • Let Teachers SHINE competition
  • Ogden partnership funding
  • ASE science teacher SOS
  • Ogden Senior Teacher Fellowship applications
  • Partnership CPD

Phiz e-news: edition 3

View edition 3 here. Featuring:

  • Physics Busking
  • Aspire to Engineer competition
  • CERN funding
  • Ogden Technician Network
  • Big Bang Fair
  • Partnership CPD
  • University of Lincoln physics challenge
  • Crest projects from Practical Action
  • Social Mobility Foundation
Phiz e-news: edition 2
  • Physics Olympics
  • Talent 2030: engineering competition for girls
  • Weizman Physics Safe Cracking competition
  • Isaac Physics mentoring
  • Science on Stage
  • Space careers
Phiz e-news: edition 1

View edition 1 here. Featuring:

  • Ogden Partnership Conference
  • SENECA Learning
  • Big Bang
  • SAM Labs
  • Share