Primary Phiz e-news

Phiz e-news, is our electronic newsletter featuring news and ideas from the Ogden primary science team. You can sign up here to receive your copy of Phiz e-news direct to your inbox each term and can find links below to previous editions.

Phiz e-news replaced our primary magazine Phizzi News which was published from 2014 until Summer 2017. Produced by a highly experienced team of primary and secondary experts, the magazine featured resources and ideas for primary science. All nine editions are available to download for your continued reference.

Phiz e-news: edition 5

Find edition 5 here. Featuring:

  • Primary CPD: P3L at Kingston
  • Family Focus: sound of science
  • Student Focus: exploring atoms with UCL
  • University Outreach: solar scrapheap challenge
  • Phizzi Pods: ideas for primary physics resource boxes
  • Enrichment Focus: primary science capital
  • Curriculum Focus: Education Inspection Framework from OFSTED
  • Phiz eFlags: quick and useful sign-posting to funding, grants, events & CPD opportunities
Phiz e-news: edition 4

Find edition 4 here. Featuring:

  • Featured: STEMtastic schools day
  • CPD Focus: Let’s get physic-al (SEERIH Conference)
  • Enrichment Focus: CERN day at Lowerplace Primary
  • Family Focus: Isle of Wight Space Camp
  • Student Focus: Timberley students in the FIRST LEGO League
  • Curriculum Focus: the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (ASE Conference)
  • Engaging Local Industry
  • Phizz Lab Focus: Space Day at Our Lady & St Kenelm
  • Phizzi Focus: P3L 2019
  • Let Teacher’s Shine competition
  • Super Blood Moon
  • Phiz eFlags: quick and useful sign-posting to funding, grants, events & CPD opportunities

Phiz e-news: edition 3

Find edition 3 here. Featuring:

  • Featured: Playing with Protons – CERN CPD
  • CPD Focus: P3L @ Durham
  • Enrichment Focus: Fun Palace @ Henley Street
  • Family Focus: ‘Feel the Power’ with Essex North Primary Partnership
  • Student Focus: celebrating science ambassadors @ Durham Ferryhill & Chilton Primary Partnership
  • Awe & Wonder: Wonderstruck @ Brixham College
  • Phiz Lab Focus: Our Lady's Bishop Eton Primary School, Liverpool
  • Phizzi Focus: P3L @ Dulwich
  • Kids Invent Stuff: a hat for dogs!

Phiz e-news: edition 2

Find edition 2 here. Featuring:

  • Featured: the 2018 Primary Conference at Charingworth Manor
  • CPD Focus: P3L day on electricity at King Edward's School, Birmingham
  • Enrichment Focus: the Phiz Lab at Hilmorton Primary School
  • Family Focus: Year 6 Scientist of the Year awards
  • Student Focus: Pupil science ambassadors, Sheffield
  • Curriculum Focus: Space Camps
  • Great Science Share
  • Kids Invent Stuff
Phiz e-news: edition 1

Find edition 1 here. Featuring:

  • Featured: Rochdale Phiz Lab opening
  • Student Focus: science fair success - GLF
  • Phizzi Focus: earth & space
  • Family Focus: Ogden Year 6 alumni day, Birmingham
  • Curriculum Focus: Science Talk - reflections
  • Ogden science governor group
Phizzi news: edition 9

Download edition 9 here. Featuring:

  • Phiz Lab Focus: The Coppice Primary School, Worcestershire
  • Phiz Lab Future: Science Dome at Fairford CofE Primary School, South Cotswolds; University of Worcester Phiz Lab
  • Phizzi Pioneers: space ambassadors and space club at Chipping Campden
  • Phizzi Progression: EYFS ‘Science Talk’floating and sinking; KS1 ‘Float the Boat’; KS2 five-minute physics - floating and sinking
  • Phizzi Peers: Royal Institution maths for physics masterclasses; BBC Terrific Scientific – children as researchers
  • Phizzi Professionals: Peta Foster, Senior Research Scientist (First Light Fusion)
  • Phizzi Fun: trebuchet building at Warwick Castle; Gopher Science Labs; partnership science week events around the country
  • Phizzi Family: learning at home - home school physics
  • Phizzi Photos: a day in the life of an undergraduate at Oxford University
  • Phizzi Feeds: primary science on social media
Phizzi news: edition 8

Download edition 8 here. Featuring:

  • Phiz Lab Focus: Our Lady & Saint Kenelm Primary School; Phiz Labs across the country
  • Phizzi Pioneers: Market Harborough primary science conference
  • Phizzi Progression: forces and making things move - EYFS ‘Science Talk’Who sank the Boat by Pamela Allen; KS1 ‘catapults’; KS2 solar buggies
  • Phizzi Peers: How to put together a primary science newsletter
  • Phizzi Professionals: Dr Michael Foale CBE, NASA astronaut
  • Phizzi Fun: primary partnerships events around the country
  • Phizzi Family: Michael Foale lecture at King Edward VI Five Ways School, Birmingham
  • Phizzi Photos: earth & space primary CPD at Eton College and King Edward’s School, Birmingham
  • Phizzi Feeds: primary science on social media
Phizzi news: edition 7

Download edition 7 here. Featuring:

  • Phiz Lab Focus: Deputy Head reviews Phiz Lab at St Alphege CE Junior School, Solihul
  • Phiz Lab Future: new Phiz Labs at Hillcroft, Danetree and Cordwalles in Surrey
  • Phizzi Pioneers: School Physicist of the Year at University of Birmingham
  • Phizzi Progression: EYFS Science Talk materials-matter making butter; KS1 materials-matter The Snowman; KS2 materials - evaporation
  • Phizzi Peers: SHINE Lab at Pakeman Primary School, London
  • Phizzi Professionals: Rhys Archer, PhD researcher in materials science
  • Phizzi Fellows: PSTT awards for Raj Dharma and Helen Ellis
  • Phizzi Fun: science fairs in the south and Superhero Science Morning in the north of England
  • Phizzi Family: how to run a family learning night
  • Phizzi Photos: The Ogden Trust inaugural primary science conference, Charingworth Manor
  • Phizzi Feeds: primary science on social media
Phizzi news: edition 6

Download edition 6 here. Featuring:

  • Phiz Lab Focus: King Edward VI Five Ways School
  • Phiz Lab Future: three new Phiz Labs at The Coppice Primary School, Timberley Academy and Whitehouse Common
  • Phizzi Pioneers: a round up from summer science fairs in the Midlands
  • Phizzi Progression: EYFS Science Talk – magnets; KS1 books as hooks Flat Stanley – magnets; KS2 Five-minute physics – magnetism
  • Phizzi Peers: Shrub Street STEAM club head to Knoxville Tennesse for the Destination Imagination Global Finals
  • Phizzi Professionals: Dr Lewis Dartnell, UK Space Agency research fellow Phizzi Forces: science governors at Birchensale Middle School
  • Phizzi Flight: official opening Birmingham Airport learning hub for pupil workshops and CPD
  • Phizzi Fun: a round-up of events from our primary partnerships in the North of England
  • Phizzi Family: ideas for family learning night events and science workshops
  • Phizzi Photos: EYFS – Phizzi Foundation new resource ‘Science Talk’ launch
  • Phizzi Feeds: primary science on social media
Phizzi news: edition 5

Download edition 5 here.

  • Phiz Lab Focus: pupil feedback from Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Primary School,Coventry
  • Phiz Lab Future: MP Chris White opens the newly refurbished Phiz Lab at Shrubland Street Primary School
  • Phizzi Pioneers: Ogden Trust primary partnership survey results
  • Phizzi Progression: EYFS Science Talk Static ‘Balloon Beards’; KS1 Books forelectricity & materials ‘Blackout’ by John Rocco; KS2 Five-Minute Physics – electricity
  • Phizzi Peers: science book sand toys review; Lottie dolls
  • Phizzi Professionals: Joe Abbott, Consultant Paediatric Eye Surgeon from Birmingham Children's Hospital Phizzi Forces: Belfast High School Phizzi Forces workshop; Lab_13 Gillespie, London
  • Phizziology: Joe Abbott Eye workshop; Ogden Trust Phizzi Light and Sound day at King Edward’s School, Bimingham
  • Phizzi Frontiers: primary space to earth challenge; Tim Peake primary project
  • Phizzi Family: family learning night– crash test dummies, Leamington Spa; Family rocketry workshops, Shrubland Street
  • Phizzi Photos: Darwin Garden, Hillcroft Primary School, Surrey
  • Phizzi Feeds: primary science on social media
Phizzi news: edition 4

Download edition 4 here. Featuring:

  • Phiz Lab Focus: how to run a Phiz Lab - Chipping Campden School
  • Phiz Lab Future: two new Phiz Labs open at St Alphege Junior School, Solihull and Our Lady & St Kenelm RC School, Halesowen
  • Phizzi Pioneers: photos from this year’s SPotY event
  • Phizzi Progression: EYFS Science Talk ‘Space’; KS1 ‘Whatever Next?’, KS2 five minute physics - gravity
  • Phizzi Peers: sixth form science students celebrate Gold CREST award
  • Phizzi Professionals: STEM ‘I am a Scientist, Get me Out of Here!’
  • Phizzi Forces: using the Ogden Trust Phizzi Forces CPD resource boxes in the classroom
  • Phizzi Fellow: PSTT winner Janine Carpenter, Staffs
  • Phizzi Frontiers: Mission X: train like an astronaut; Space Camp Alabama; Bradford telescope project, Mickleton Primary School
  • Phizzi Family: rocket and dragsters family learning night; inspire workshop - rockets
  • Phizzi Photos: Science walks in school
  • Phizzi Features: events, website and things to try
Phizzi news: edition 3

Download edition 3 here. Featuring:

  • Phiz Lab Focus: Holywell Primary School, Rubbery; new Phiz Lab at Five Ways, Birmingham
  • Phizzi Pioneers: Chipping Campden Science Factor competition; Pupil Voice, science assistants Shrubland Street
  • Phizzi Progression: KS1 Sound using books at hooks, KS2 five minute physics - sound
  • Phizzi Peers: Crest Award at Chipping Campden,Southam College science clubs
  • Phizzi Professionals: interview with British Astronaut Tim Peake
  • Phizzi Forces: Ogden partnership Phizzi Forces CPD
  • Phizzi Fairs: how to run a science fair
  • Phizzi Frontiers: Professor Carlos Frenk, Durham University Pan-STARRS telescope; Space Camp max with Amanda Poole
  • Phizzi Family: magnets and electricity family learning night at Chipping Campden School
  • Phizzi Photos: ideas for science learning outdoors
  • Phizzi Features: events, website and things to try
Phizzi news: edition 2

Download edition 2 here. Featuring:

  • Phiz Lab Focus: new Phiz Lab opens at Ridgeway Middle School, Redditch
  • Phizzi Future: Phiz Lab update at Our Lady of the Assumption, Coventry
  • Phizzi Pioneers: Science committee at Holywell School; Science Conference in Market Harborough; Particle Physics for Beginners at University of Birmingham
  • Phizzi Progression: KS1 Light exploration day, KS2 light and shadows
  • Phizzi Peers: Tom Killestein; Alcester Grammar sixth form science club
  • Phizzi Forces: CPD at King Edward’s School, Birmingham; Train the trainer
  • Phizzi Frontiers: how to run a Space Camp event, Shine Trust
  • Phizzi Family: stargazing at St Bede’s Catholic Middle School
  • Phizzi Photos: University of Warwick science fair
  • Phizzi Features: events, website and things to try
Phizzi news: edition 1

Download edition 1 here. Featuring:

  • Phiz Lab Focus: first Ogden Phiz Lab at Shrubland Street, Warwickshire
  • Phizzi Future: new Phiz Lab planned at Our Lady of the Assumption
  • Phizzi Pioneers: pupil science committee, Year 6 science assistant, Year 6 Scientists of the Year
  • Phizzi Progression: forces - KS1 exploration days, KS2 balloon challenge
  • Phizzi Peers: Chipping Campden Sixth Form Primary Science Club
  • Phizzi Professionals: Hannah McQuail, Thermal Spacecraft Engineer, Girls Get Set
  • Phizzi Family: how to run a Family Learning Night, Bidford-on-Avon
  • Phizzi Photos: school science displays, science learning environment
  • Phizzi Features: events, website and things to try
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