Working with University Students

The Ogden Trust is keen on Ogden Outreach Officers supporting and training university students; this is one of the three Ogden strategic outreach strands and ~20% of your time is expected to be spent on this. It has been agreed that at least 1% of your undergraduate cohort each year should be targeted. No minimum has been set for postgraduate students.

We believe our Officers are in a privileged position of being able to use their experience to boost the skills and ability in students wishing to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm to younger people and the wider community. With your support, it is hoped that we will see a positive increase in the number of graduates entering the physics teaching community, or being more inclined to do physics outreach as part of their future careers.

Student Involvement with STEM (4.6 MB)

Examples of engagement with students includes recruiting them as Outreach ambassadors, encouraging them to apply for Teach Physics internships, or giving them presentation training and helping increase their confidence and competence in delivering workshops.

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