Repeat Interventions with Disadvantaged Students

Disadvantaged students are one of the priority audiences for the Trust. The Trust is committed to working with students who have a low science capital, live in remote rural areas or areas of social deprivation, are in receipt of free school meals, and those who do not come from a family tradition of university education.

Outreach Officers are ideally placed to help us reach this target audience, and can give access and insight into university physics. You are expected to implement programmes and initiatives that reach our priority students.

We believe that a concentrated series of interventions with the same students is more likely to improve their confidence and enjoyment of physics, thus boosting their likelihood of taking physics post-16, than one-off events.

ASPIRES: Young People's Science and Career Aspirations (1.33 MB)

Examples of repeat interventions include the SEPnet programmes Connect Physics and Shattering Stereotypes.

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