Supporting Teachers

Supporting teachers, particularly those who teach in primary schools, but do not have physics as a specialism, and those who teach in remote rural areas or areas of social deprivation, is one of the central aims of the Trust and crucial to our commitment to increasing the uptake of physics at post-16.

Our network of Ogden Outreach Officers can deliver innovative ground-breaking physics and CPD through their universities and outreach programmes, and are expected to engage with teachers within their local area, especially those within Ogden school partnerships.

Our current aim is for each Officer to have at least 30 hours of contact with teachers per year, whether it is a one-off training session for a large group of teachers, or a series of interactions with a smaller cohort.

Examples of engaging with teachers can include running lectures on current research, demonstrating how to perform experiments and sharing equipment, training technicians, or partnering with local organisations such as the Institute of Physics Stimulating Physics Network.

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