Media and Branding Guidelines

We know you all do some great work, and would like to share these ideas and projects to those across and outside of the network, to encourage and inspire others. Our Communications Officer, Mel, has drawn up a document that she uses to draw up a news story; we hope it will help you to promote your events and activities. Please use this as a template and feel free to contact Mel directly ( Spread your news.

Please ensure you have the correct version of our logo, and use it in accordance with our brand guidelines. If you need the logo in any other format (e.g. .eps for your design team), let Amnah know.

In addition, please also let Amnah know if you have any events coming up, as we would very much like to attend to support you and see the cool things you do.

A Guide to Writing a News Story (64.44 KB)
Using the Ogden Trust Logo (58.85 KB)
The Ogden Trust Logo (Colour) (263.59 KB)
The Ogden Trust Logo (Black and White) (143.92 KB)
Messaging for Press Work (161.83 KB)
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