If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please contact the Student Registrar.

Are there any awards for postgraduate study?

The Ogden Trust does not operate a scheme for postgraduate funding.

Can I get involved in Ogden Trust activities?

Yes! The Ogden Trust offers internships, travel grants, conferences, events and trips through its Alumni Association. We also welcome students who wish to help in some way either by offering to organise an event at their university, blogging, making a presentation at one of our conferences or becoming a mentor for other Ogden alumni.

What if my academic progress report is not satisfactory?

The Ogden Trust will contact your tutor to reassess your suitability for a scholarship.

How do I change my address?

You can do this yourself on the alumni database.

What if I am financially independent of my parents (or other guardians)?

If you are financially independent of other adults, let the Student Registrar know your circumstances and your income will be assessed as an independent person.

What happens if there is a change in parental income?

If your parental income goes down or if it goes up so that it exceeds the scholarship criteria guidelines (£50k, or £60k if both parents are working or if there is more than one sibling), you should inform the Trust as your award may be subject to review.

What if I have to repeat a year owing to personal circumstances or illness?

Any unusual personal circumstances that affect your education and your scholarship should be disclosed to the Student Registrar. The Ogden Trust treats such cases sympathetically, confidentially and on an individual basis.

What happens if I decide to study something other than physics at university?

The primary focus for our scholarships is physics degrees, however, depending on the number of applicants we have each year, we also consider related degrees in subjects such as engineering or mathematics.

What happens if I change course or university?

Your Undergraduate Science Scholarship is not transferable, however, if you find, during your first year, that the course you have registered on is totally unsuitable for you, contact the Student Registrar as soon as possible to discuss what your options might be. Cases such as these are considered on an individual basis.

Will I meet other Ogden scholars from other universities?

This depends on how involved you become with the Alumni Association and the opportunities it offers.

Are there other Ogden scholars at my university?

There might be! This is not information that we tell you explicitly but you may be able to find this out from the alumni database. You can use the 'Find Other Member' search function under the Community menu to look for other people at your university (search for an Institution under Higher Education). You will only find people who have allowed their existence on the database to be displayed, though. To do this, set 'Display Member Details' in your Personal Details record to YES. Please note that your contact details will not be displayed by doing this, only a short summary of your name and your Ogden Trust history. If you want to display your contact details, you have to turn those options on separately.

You will probably find out who the other Ogden scholars are through Ogden events and invitations or from a visit to your university from a member of the Ogden staff or from an Ogden Science officer (if there is one based at your university).

Why do I need to register on the alumni database?

If you were a Sixth Form Science scholar you're probably already registered but students from other categories may not be. We use the data on the alumni database for three reasons:

  • to contact you as necessary in relation to your scholarship
  • to send you occasional e-Newsletters about initiatives we are running for alumni (that's current and former scholars) such as subsidised trips, paid internships, travel grants, competitions, mentoring, social events etc
  • to provide the trustees of The Ogden Trust with information about how the Trust's money is allocated and what its scholars are doing

The alumni database is a 'members only' database: membership is granted automatically if your registration form matches key fields in the record we initially set up for you; otherwise, a member of staff will manually check your registration before granting you membership. Data is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

What do I have to do in order to receive the cheque?

You have to confirm cheque details, make good progress on your course and check in with us now and then so we know that you are still on the course.

How do I receive my scholarship?

You receive your scholarship by cheque in two instalments of £750 each per year, the first in October and the second in February.

What happens if I am awarded a scholarship from another source?

If this is the case, let the Trust know as your award may be subject to review under its terms (form) of acceptance (a copy of which you receive and sign once an award is made).

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