Grants & Funding

The Ogden Trust supports a range of partners, programmes and initiatives through ongoing funding or one-off grants. Funding is allocated to projects designed to enhance and encourage the learning and teaching of physics, especially for those from under-represented groups.

A list of grants made to organisations in the previous year can be found in the full accounts, filed with the Charities Commission.

We no longer offer individual scholarships and bursaries.

Applying for funding

The Ogden Trust assesses funding applications monthly. All applicants must fill out the initial application form. Those applying for a high level of funding may be asked to provide further information before a decision is made.

Grants of less than £10,000 will receive a decision within two months. Grants of more than £10,000 will receive a decision within four months.

Eligibility criteria

All applicants must be based in the UK and working predominantly in England. Most applicants are expected to be charities and education establishments – it is rare that funding will be given to a profit-making organisation.

All applications should fit with The Ogden Trust strategy and target our priority audiences. Projects must be clearly based around physics - part-funding may be considered for general science projects where there is a clear physics component. Projects may be for roll-out of an existing scheme, in which case evidence of impact to date should be included, or for a new idea, in which case there should be sufficient rationale for why it will achieve its goals.

Priority will be given to projects that can be scaled up further, become sustainable, or produce an output that will have reach beyond the core project audience. One-off events or trips are unlikely to receive significant funding. Applications for projects that will only work with one school are unlikely to receive funding of more than £1,000, except in exceptional circumstance.

Funding can be requested at any level but the cost per person should be proportionate to the anticipated impact on that person. Lower priority is given to high impact activities for a very small number of individuals.

Through our grants, we do not fund:

If you wish to enquire about available funding, please consider the criteria above and complete an initial grant application form. If you wish to review the information required for a grant application you can download a hard copy of the initial grant application form here. Please remember: this form can be only used to plan and prepare your initial grant application. You must complete the online application to make and submit your funding request.

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