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Guidance for report writing

We're collected some advice from previous Coastal Energy interns about writing up their project for a CREST report. Two of our interns who worked on a joint project have agreed to share their project report and CREST profile forms as examples of one way you could write up your project.

Top tips from previous Coastal Energy Interns

We’ve collected some tips from previous Coastal Energy Interns about turning your project into a report which can be submitted for a Gold CREST award. This is what they said:

  • Keep an eye of the timings as time can slip away towards the end of the internship.
  • It’s beneficial and less overwhelming to write the report alongside my work where possible.
  • If it feels overwhelming it helped me to break the report down into smaller tasks like write one section instead of write the whole thing.
  • Plan the project heavily beforehand so that the practical tasks can be completed quicker and easier.
  • Set your own deadlines and make sure you stick to them.
  • Keep all your notes in one place.
  • Write everything down so you don’t forget because a lot happens. This includes sources/where you get your information from as it’s hard to work from memory.
  • Every time you make a decision, write down why you chose that option and what the other options are. This helps to evidence planning and reflection in your report.
  • Make sure any pictures you include are clear and contribute something to your report.
  • Ask your mentor/supervisor to check your report throughout so you don’t have to make huge changes at the end.
  • It’s helpful to include some introduction to your project before you move on to talking about your planning.
  • The CREST criteria can be useful as section or subsection headings to help you structure your report.

The full set of CREST criteria can be found on their website. CREST have also written a student guide with some helpful tips about each stage of project writing.


When do I have to submit my report?

It’s best to submit your CREST report before you return to college or start university in the autumn.

Your CREST report doesn’t have to be submitted at the end of your 20-day placement. You can take some time afterwards to finalise everything and make sure that it fits with the CREST criteria. Your report should also be checked by your supervisor before you submit it to CREST or The Ogden Trust.

Example CREST Project Report

We have included two Coastal Energy Programme project reports here. Both of these projects received Gold CREST Awards. Daniel completed his project independently, and Hope and Josh worked together on a joint project. Their project report and profile forms can be downloaded below. Please use this as an example as what your report could look like. We have had other project reports using different styles which also received Gold CREST Awards.

File Name File Type File Size File Link
Hope's CREST profile form PDF 272 KB Download
Josh's CREST profile form PDF 249 KB Download
Hope & Josh's report (which was given a Gold CREST Award) PDF 11 MB Download
Daniel's CREST profile form PDF 5 MB Download
Daniel's report (which was given a Gold CREST Award) PDF 848 KB Download