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Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Investigate the sustainable practices of the Operations & Maintenance team of an offshore windfarm to see what activities they are doing sustainably and what others they could improve.

Sustainable Maintenance of an Offshore Windfarm

Offshore Wind Farms are all about creating sustainable electricity to help meet the UK’s targets for Net Zero carbon emissions, but how green are they to run?

The East Anglia One Offshore Windfarm’s Operation and Maintenance team have made changes to make their daily operations more sustainable. However, there is more they could be doing.

The aim of this project will be to investigate how sustainable the team’s activities are and what could be done to improve their operations. This will involve investigating the current practices of the team, including data collection and seeing how the team worker. Then, you will do some research into more sustainable ways to work. These learnings would be shared with the wider Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Operations & Maintenance teams across the Northern Europe and Middle East regions.

Key skills and interests

  • Research
  • Investigation
  • Problem solving
  • Data collecting
  • Sustainability
  • Offshore Wind
  • Sharing best practice

Host company information

Siemens Gamesa has a proven track record of excellence in operation and maintenance. We have been at the forefront of the renewable energy sector for more than 40 years; customers can rely on us not only to service their current onshore and offshore needs but to anticipate future requirements as well. Leveraging scale and global reach, we offer a flexible service portfolio that can be tailored to our customers’ diverse operating models along the entire lifetime of their Siemens Gamesa or multibrand turbines.

Address: East Anglia One Offshore Windfarm, Hamilton Road, Lowestoft NR32 1XF, United Kingdom
Key Contact: Esmee Thornton

For more information about Siemens Gamesa visit the company website

CREST Awards

This project has been designed to help students achieve a GOLD CREST Award. Download the CREST project guide to help you.

File Name File Type File Size File Link
CREST Project Guide PDF 459 KB Download