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Seabed Scour Control Systems

Investigate companies around the world who are involved in offshore energy projects.

Sales and Marketing for Offshore Energy

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has highlighted to the world the need for energy independence, which has spurred on the development of offshore energy projects. Throughout this project you will learn about the global supply chain of energy from Oil & Gas to renewables such as offshore wind.

The project will entail researching upcoming offshore energy projects globally and highlighting the key companies involved. You will create a map or database, highlighting areas where large offshore energy projects are taking place. You will research the people and companies involved in developing the projects and their roles in the offshore energy sector. This will be combined with investigating the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of the region.

Working with the Sales and Marketing Manager you will draft introductory emails to companies identified in the creation of the map with the aim to schedule an introductory online meeting. You will join the online meetings and learn about conducting a sales pitch and answering potential client questions.

The completion of this project will allow SSCS to analyse global opportunities and focus efforts on specific geographic regions. You will produce a database of offshore energy projects with key companies and contact details built in SSCS’s CRM Database. This will develop your real world sales experience in a business-to-business environment.


Key skills and interests

  • Business
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Offshore Energy
  • Databases


Host company information

Seabed Scour Control Systems (SSCS) was founded almost 40 years ago on the invention of artificial seagrass also known as the “Frond Mat”. The Frond Mat mimics natural seagrass to prevent erosion of the seabed around subsea assets such as Pipelines, Cables, Offshore Wind Turbine Foundations and more. The Frond Mats have been installed in almost every sea and ocean around the globe.

Address: Harfreys Road, Harfreys Industrial Estate, Great Yarmouth, NR31 0LS
Key contact: Edmund Cole

Visit the SSCS website for more information about the host company

CREST Awards

This project has been designed to help students achieve a GOLD CREST Award. Download the CREST project guide to help you.

File Name File Type File Size File Link
CREST Project Guide PDF 459 KB Download