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Net Zero East

Investigate the carbon emission of the office and suggest ways to decrease emissions.

Carbon Baselining

At Net Zero East, we would like to conduct a carbon baseline assessment for our office. We will be looking for a full scope 1 (direct) and 2 (indirect) emissions assessment as well as creating low/medium/high scenarios. From this, we would want you to consider the opportunities and costs for Net Zero technologies being introduced at the office, with a final list of recommendations.

You will collect data on the office’s energy consumption, fuel consumption, waste disposal, and water usage. The data should cover at least the previous year to provide a reliable baseline. Based on this, you will calculate the emissions from scope 1 and scope 2 sources. You will then analyse your findings to investigate the main sources of emissions and potential ways to reduce emissions. You should consider low, medium and high technology solutions to reduce our emissions and produce a forecast of the expected carbon emissions for each of these three routes.

This project will provide excellent hands-on experience. The lessons learnt and information gained from this project will directly support Net Zero East’s thinking to support our decarbonisation and wider strategies. You will have the support of the Net Zero East and Opergy Group personnel throughout and applicable introductions to key stakeholders will be supported by your supervisor for you to present your findings to.


Key skills and interests

  • Good working knowledge of IT systems (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Self-motivated and well organised
  • Creative and innovative
  • Geography, environment, sustainability, or decarbonisation
  • Works well in a team
  • Good attention to detail


Host company information

Net Zero East (Opergy Group) is a Norwich based consultancy which looks to help councils, businesses, and individuals with challenges around reaching Net Zero carbon emissions.

Address: Unit 11, Manor Farm Barns, Framingham Pigot, Norwich, Norfolk, NR14 7PZ

Key Contact: Amelia Hardman

Visit the Net Zero East website for more information about the host company

CREST Awards

This project has been designed to help students achieve a GOLD CREST Award. Download the CREST project guide to help you.

File Name File Type File Size File Link
CREST Project Guide PDF 459 KB Download