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4C Offshore

Investigate the reduction in carbon emissions by using hybrid ships, and look into ways to charge their batteries.

The Carbon Saving Potential of Hybrid Crew Transfer Vessels

As part of its services, 4C provides vessel demand forecasts to clients so that they can make investment decisions on the type and number of vessels needed to service offshore wind. This project specifically relates to Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) used to transport technicians to offshore wind project sites.

To decarbonise their operations and to meet their offshore wind customer requirements, CTV owners and operators are now investing in hybrid vessels, which are powered by batteries as well diesel engines. The aim of the project is to evaluate the potential carbon savings, as well as the limitations of battery operations.

The work would involve:

  • Researching how battery power is used on CTVs e.g. transiting to OWF locations, manoeuvring in port etc
  • Assessing how much fuel oil could be displaced by battery use
  • Reviewing battery capacity and power density
  • Investigating charging options for the batteries (offshore and onshore)
  • Reviewing data collected by 4C and adding to this
  • Analysing potential carbon savings

This project would provide work experience in research, data analysis as well as how offshore farms are supported. It would particularly suit a candidate interested in physics, chemistry or engineering. Decarbonising vessel activity is exciting and fast-moving area of the global carbon reduction agenda.


Key skills and interests

  • Interest in carbon management and renewable energy
  • Keen to learn about new technology applications
  • Good communication skills and willing to speak to people
  • Good research skills
  • Proactive in tackling tasks
  • Numerical skills and knowledge of Excel would be useful
  • An interest in ships would be advantage


Host company information

4C Offshore is a leading market intelligence and data services provider in the energy industry. We specialise in offshore wind data – curating an extensive database, writing quarterly reports, and offering consultancy work on bespoke projects.

Address: OrbisEnergy Centre, Wilde St, Lowestoft NR32 1XH
Key Contact: Sue Allen

Visit the 4C Offshore website for more information about the host company

CREST Awards

This project has been designed to help students achieve a GOLD Crest award. Download the CREST project guide to help you.

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CREST Project Guide PDF 459 KB Download