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Please use this information to inform your selection for the 11.00 workshop sessions.

Research can inform how you teach and what you teach – these sessions explore some of the latest education research and consider ways to engage your students in their own research.

Workshop 1: Improving primary science – EEF
Associate Professor Jane Turner provides an insight into the latest EEF guidance on Improving Primary Science. In this session, you will explore and consider the implications of the recommendations for your practice back in school.

Workshop 2: Planning enrichment for impact (primary and secondary)
Using research-based evidence and case studies from successful Ogden Trust partnerships, this workshop session is an opportunity to reflect and evaluate how to make the most of enrichment funding and plan for impact in primary and secondary.

Workshop 3: Making research ‘work’ for teachers (primary and secondary)
Knowledge from academic research holds great promise to improve teaching in primary and secondary. However, it is not always accessible or easily actionable for teachers. This session will look at ways to bridge that gap, offer some highlights to consider, and provide a chance to reflect on how their current practice may already align with the messages from research.

Workshop 4: Students engaging with research (secondary)
Professor Becky Parker
has been instrumental in providing amazing opportunities for students to engage with research ranging from analysing CERN data to launching a satellite. Be inspired by Becky and her team of speakers as they share insight and ideas for primary and secondary.

Workshop 5: Ogden Senior Teacher Fellowship showcase (primary and secondary)
This year’s Ogden Senior Teacher Fellows will share and showcase the outcomes from their projects, reflecting on how they can benefit individuals, schools, and school partnerships.

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