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Inclusive teaching

Please use this information to inform your selection for the 9.30 workshop sessions.

These workshops will explore the theme of inclusive teaching, considering how we can cultivate a learning environment where all students are treated equitably, have equal access to learning, and feel valued and supported in their learning.

Workshop 1: Removing barriers for SEND learners in primary science
How can we remove some of the barriers that SEND learners face in primary science? Sally Fulford will give an insight into the Ogden Teaching Assistant Network pilot project, sharing the value and challenges of providing professional development for additional adults in the classroom. Claire Loizos will share a range of effective strategies for removing barriers for SEND pupils, inspired by her science teaching in the Phiz Lab at Gurnard Primary School, Isle of Wight.

Workshop 2: Removing barriers in the secondary physics classroom
What does current research tell us about barriers in the physics classroom? Jessica Rowson (Ogden secondary teaching and learning coach) will be joined by Carole Kenrick (Institute of Physics) to look at some classroom-based approaches that can be adopted to overcome these barriers.

Workshop 3: Physics pathways – technical routes (secondary)
A session for secondary practitioners with the Institute of Physics to explore physics related technical routes. Discover the diverse opportunities apprenticeships offer and the rewarding careers they can lead students too. We will discuss research published by the IOP in regard to physics-related apprenticeships, as well as the follow-up report that highlights best practice.

Workshop 4: Explorify and inclusion in primary science
In this session, led by Explorify Engagement Leader Dr Rebecca Ellis, participants will explore strategies to include all children in Explorify activities. There will be examples of resources and approaches developed by a working group of primary school teachers in mainstream classrooms, special schools and SEND provision settings.

Workshop 5: Finding Space for all (secondary)
This workshop for secondary practitioners is led by Professor Suzie Imber who was awarded the prestigious Royal Society Rosalind Franklin Award in 2021. Suzie subsequently designed and led a wide-ranging initiative to encourage under-represented young people with an interest in physics to continue their studies, through a series of residential events, work experience opportunities, and continued support and mentorship.

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