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Tim Simmons

Trustee and former Chief Executive

Published: 18 August 2021

Having retired as Chief Executive of the Trust in 2017, Tim joined the board of trustees.

“I would like to think that The Trust has made a difference to the educational achievements and lifetime chances of thousands of young people and laid the foundations for some of them to go on to careers in international scientific research, but an ambition like this needs to be underpinned by interventions across the educational age range and it is our work with hundreds of schools and dozens of universities all over the UK of which I am most proud. As a Trustee, I hope to continue this involvement and look forward to supporting the new initiatives that will be introduced by my successor Clare Harvey.”

Tim was educated at Reed’s School in Surrey and then studied law at Selwyn College, Cambridge. After a brief career as a student barrister at the Inner Temple he worked for nearly 20 years in travel and tourism all over the Mediterranean, including as Company Secretary for various leisure developments in France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy and Turkey. In 1994, he joined the University of Cambridge Development Office and first met Sir Peter Ogden when he asked him to become a donor to maths at Cambridge. In 1999, he was appointed inaugural Chief Executive of The Ogden Trust.

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